This episode was packed with action from the opening scene where Unser gets attacked by Neo Nazis. Fast forward to Gemma finding him hanging crucifix style from the lifts in the garage and Tara having to sew him up.

Jax ends up passing August Marks’ test by disclosing the location of Tig and is completely caught off-guard when Tig shows up (unharmed) at his front door. In a private meeting with Marks, Jax learns that Tig’s debt to Pope can be considered paid if they were to pass over the Irish gun business.

Jax makes a decision on the fly that ends up being deadly for the club when he learns the SO Cal charter had voted down the decision to take over the gun business. Galen retaliates to the news with a massacre & clear message to Jax that the Irish will not be told what to do. Sam Crow teams up with Darby to find the location of the Nazis that attacked Unser sending Tig and prospect Ratboy undercover. In typical Sam Crow fashion, the cover is blown when Darby and Juice are caught off the beaten path, but they manage to get away.  Jax makes a second call to settle the score with the Neo Nazis with the KG-9’s that have been the center of tension with the Irish.

Wendy meets up with Gemma to express her concerns about Tara’s obsession with taking the boys out of state and her persistence with wanting Wendy to meet with her lawyer.

At the hospital in Tara’s office Wendy tells Tara that she has told Gemma everything she asked her to which confirms our suspicions they are in on something. Unser (who is at the hospital illegally getting treated by Tara) walks into Tara’s office seeing Wendy, Tara, and Tara’s lawyer.  In true Gemma style I think there is going to be a huge explosion at some point this season.


Retired marshall Lee Toric continues to carry out his plan of framing Nero for killing the prostitute that he shot in his hotel room. However Sheriff Eli realizes right away that it has to be set up & that Nero is innocent. Marshall Toric visits Clay in Jail to let him know that he is going to turture him if he doesn’t sign the confession. He also takes Clay to see Otto where Clay passes the shiv from the last episode to Otto & tells him no more. Toric makes the mistake of releasing Otto so he can write a confession turning evidence on Clay. Otto writes a nasty comment about Torics dead sister that drives him to choke Otto, giving him the perfect opportunity to release his anger on Toric. Otto is killed by guards but not before he finishes Toric.

This episode was action from beginning to end and I am excited to see where this season is going to lead. One thing’s for sure though……there is going to be a lot of pain for SAMCRO

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October 2, 2013

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Ep 4 Recap

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