“The Mad King”

Spoiler Alert: Stop here if you want to watch the episode first.


We begin with Jax & the club staking out a warehouse for Galen & Connor.  They catch a couple of their delivery guys & Jax extracts an address from one of the captives in extravagant fashion.

Jax & Nero head over to work with the inspector for their new venture in Stockton with Collette. While they are there it is discovered that Eli is tailing them. Barosky gets involved to send Eli on his way and expresses his concerns about Jax & Nero being tailed by the police.


Jax has to cut the meeting short to join the club where they have found out Connors location. They head over & try to lure Connor out to the vehicle where Connor realizes something is wrong & takes off on foot. SAMCRO is in pursuit when Jax drives the truck through the wall into Connor. Next Jax contacts the Kings, explaining to them why SAMCRO needs out of guns & that Clay/Galen have been conducting business behind the kings backs. He also offers an alliance between the Irish & Marks.


Gemma shows up at Wendy’s work very concerned about Tara’s plans to leave Charming with the boys. In exchange for Wendy’s information she also handed over a stack of pictures of Abel , making Wendy’s  guilt shoot throw the roof. Wendy meets up with Tara to try to get out of it, but Tara makes it clear she’s going to jail, especially with Otto taking out Marshall Toric. The best thing for the boys would be Wendy and Tara agrees to Wendy’s demand to start getting involved in Abel’s life- even if it isn’t as his mom.

The Irish reach out to Clay in prison to broker a deal getting him released & setting up a gun distribution operation for them.  Clay set up a conjugal visit for Gemma to tell her what the Irish have done which turns out to be a very bad visit for her.

Eli gets the lab results, which confirms the DNA in Nero’s car belonged to the dead prostitute. Before heading home for the night Eli and his deputy head to pick up Nero.


Back at the clubhouse SAMCRO is getting ready for a phone call from the Kings & to vote on their offer when Jax notices a pen just like the one that he found in the Irish warehouse.  Nubs tells Jax that the delivery guy left it when he dropped of the kegs of beer. The Kings detonate the bombs & destroy the warehouse with everyone barely making it out. Jax knows now that their relationship with the Irish is completely done & that they will be going to war. At this point it looks like Tara is going to rush her plans to get the boys away from the club, especially with a war coming.

This season is really starting to heat up! Until next week ride safe!

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October 9, 2013

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