We had a very fun time at the Sundae Spa party.  Alyssa (my youngest) had been to a party there a couple of years ago and had a great time but Megan (my oldest) nor I had been there so it was all new to us.  Party started with what I at first thought was weird but the more I thought of it it was actually one of the best things for moms.. They checked for lice!!! The spa is a licensed  hair/nail/spa facility so it made sense.

First activity for the 5 girls that attended was to make lip gloss.  They picked the flavor, color and shimmer. They mixed up the ingredients and poured the gloss into a tube bottle with a little rolling ball on it.  This was great as any other time we have made lip gloss it was the apply by finger kind. There was at least 30 different flavors.. Something for everyone!

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Up next they rotated the girls between manicures and hair extensions.  They each were able to pick out a hair extension. Everything between feathers and glitter extensions to neon color simple extensions!  The three year old in the group did not have very much hair to extend so they put in a few little bling “diamonds” on her bangs and it was very cute.

The manicures were fabulous! No skimping on the pampering here.  The  “manicurist” was very efficient in doing up to 3 girls at one time.  They each had their own little station which was a big colorful bowl with cozy warm water.  Each girl got a fizzy ball that dissolved in the water and started softening their hands.  Next was a hand massage with a sugar scrub.  The girls chose between chocolate, vanilla or strawberry sugar scrub.  And finally no manicure is complete without a nail polish finish.  Again plenty of nail colors to choose from.  Each girl got 3 coats of polish including the clear top coat.  Both of my girls got the crackle polish with a bright color underneath.

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All the time during the pampering the spa associates were chatting with the girls about everything from sports to favorite dolls. And of course the radio was blaring with dance music which led to a good old fashioned dance party including a round of musical chairs!  They played dance games to earn extra ice cream toppings and yes they made sure everyone won at least once 🙂

After all that dancing they worked up an appetite so naturally they pigged out on custom made ice cream sundaes!!!!

The whole experience felt like a good old fashioned slumber party packed into 2 hours… Girls giggling, chatting, getting pampered and pigging out on sweets!

We only hit a little bit of what the sundae spa has to offer!  They have pedicures, manicures, hair services, temporary tattoos, a glam store, and every other service you could hope to get at a spa!  All in a adorably decorated environment of giant cupcakes, giant candy, ice cream sandwich benches, and bright colored pillows!

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And of course lets not forget about the ICE CREAM SUNDAES!!!!!! And if all that was not enough they brought home a goody bag that included their personalized lip glass and a “bath sundae” that included a bath fizz ball, sugar scrub, and soap shavings all made to look like a mini ice cream sundae!  AND bonus is that they make all of their products!!! The body butter, bath fizzes and sugar scrubs with all natural ingredients.

All in all it was a great time had by all!!


Make sure you check out Sundae Spa in Waterbury, CT for a deliciously interactive adventure!

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November 13, 2013

Sundae Spa Party

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