Every year there are a few dates that make me cringe. As you can imagine each date has something to do with me finding a gift for my wife. I spend very little time shopping and even less time keeping up with the latest trends in womens fashion. My wife on the other hand (who majored in fashion) is always on top of the latest fashion trend & loves designer clothes for birthdays, holidays & anniversary’s! For years finding the right gift has been extremely hard & downright painful, but this year will be different! I was asked to write about a new app called smartsy. With smartsy you can snap pictures from magazines and real-world objects to instantly collect, share and buy the things you love! When my wife shows me something she likes in a magazine I just snap a pic & save it in my collections until I need a gift! I can even share it with her friends to make sure I’m getting the right sizes! Just like that all the stress of finding the right gift is gone!


Love it? Snap it. Own it!



So what all can you do with Smartsy?

  • See an item or article you love in a print magazine
  • Snap a picture of it with your smartphone
  • Collect and save images of your favorites
  • Buy the items you want
  • Share with your friends

Smarsty is launching its “Win in a Snap” Treasure Hunt (details below) and we’d like to invite you!

Prizes include one (1) $500 Macy’s gift card and ten (10) $25 Mac make-up gift cards.




All you have to do is go to the contest page at http://smartsy.co/contest and follow the steps below:

  1. Download the smartsy iOS app at https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/id776060904?mt=8.
  2. Go to the new Glamour Magazine June 2014 edition.
  3. Find the “treasure” – Solve the clue by using smartsy and by snapping a pic of the above image. If you snap the right image, you will unlock the key that opens the treasure. Tip – If you snap an image and it doesn’t immediately say “Congratulations you’ve found the smartsy treasure,” then you haven’t found it.
  4. Help spread the word and simply share smartsy on at least one social network to complete the entry – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.
  5. For every friend that downloads the smartsy app, additional entries are given.

Whether you would use it for yourself or for your significant other you cant go wrong with this app & who doesn’t like to win!


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May 15, 2014


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