how to get rid of writer's block

As a blogger, your time and attention is constantly torn. You have social media accounts to engage on and grow, traffic to monitor, correspondence to maintain, editorial calendars to create, deadlines to meet and accounting to follow through.  Writer’s block happens when you sit down at the computer and have absolutely no idea what to write. Blank.

How to Banish Writer’s Block


Many different things can cause writer’s block. Perhaps your personal life is stressful and your creative mind cannot function with all the demands put on it.  Or maybe it is the lack of time. Between parenthood, bills, home life and running your small business, you have barely enough time to really let your mind just think.  Or it could be a simple matter of overload. You have written so many articles and blog  posts that you are feeling like “what could I possibly write that hasn’t already been written before?”


Take a break

Taking a bloggy break can refresh your mind and renew your motivation and creativity.  Complete your sponsored posts then ask a friend or two to guest post for a few days. While on break, do something you LOVE – swing on the swings with your kids, dance to your favorite song, bake something.  Take care of yourself.

Free write

Turn off all social media on your computer and phone, open a word document, and just write. Whatever words come to mind. This is for you, to clear your mind of all the junk, all the stress, all the crud. Let is all out! It doesn’t have to make sense. When you are finished, close it and walk away from the computer for a minute. Stretch, get some coffee, take a few deep breaths. Clearing your mind can allow your thoughts to flow freely once again.


I shared an easy pen-and-paper way to brainstorm for creative angles to stories on  Start super simple then continue to branch out until you find an idea that just sparks!

Follow blog prompts

Lots of blogging communities have blog prompts they post once a month. Two of my favorites are below:

Change your perspective

Try and write something you think is super easy / overdone (like “5 tips for helping kids do their chores). And flip the point of view. Write it from your child’s perspective. If they are older, interview them, maybe even on camera.  Or try writing it like a short story. Maybe do a funny poem. Break out of the ordinary by  trying something totally new.  And even if it doesn’t quite “work” the first time, it will at least spark a little creativity that will help your writing flourish.

Now that you know how to banish writer’s block, which technique do you think will work best for you?

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August 29, 2014

How to Banish Writer’s Block

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