You surf the internet every day, reading, skimming and bookmarking all the items that you love. Hundreds of emails, images and ideas cross your path each and every day. Sometimes, there’s so much to see, it can actually be stressful or overwhelming. For writers, having content infiltrating your day can present different challenges. While most wonder how they are going to get to everything they want to see and read, writers are wondering what they will write next.

New Ideas for Blog Posts: 5 Inspiring Places to Visit

New Ideas for Blog Posts: 5 Inspiring Places to Visit


With virtually millions of sites, blogs, apps and more, it is never easy to keep things interesting, fresh and new. Although, there are lots of ideas to be brainstormed, sometimes putting brain to pen, to paper can be a daunting task. That is especially true in the business of writing and blogging, which, lets face it, can be a notoriously lonely business. Sometimes a little human interaction is not only good for your health, but for your ability to create. You never know where your next inspiration can come from so head out and listen up. Here are 5 inspiring places to get new ideas for blog posts.

1. Somewhere new. Do you have a very specific routine? Morning elliptical with your coffee followed by a shower and then chaining yourself to your desk all day? Facebook followed by lunch? Comfort can be awesome, but it can also be sneaky. It works its magic day in and out with you growing more comfortable and complacent by the week. This can lead to a stunted imagination. So bring it back to life by giving it something new. Go somewhere that typically wouldn’t be part of your day. Maybe that’s a certain store or a different neighborhood. Maybe it’s even your local Starbucks. Then, take in the newness and let everything else take over.

New Ideas for Blog Posts: 5 Inspiring Places to Visit

2. A library or bookstore. Remember books? Real paper, bound together to tell a story. They can illicit a lot of ideas by simply opening them. Go to your local library or Barnes and Noble and hit up a section that speaks to you. Maybe a picture in a book will strike something in you or perhaps an overheard whisper or conversation will spark a new idea. Maybe, you’ll even learn something new. 

New Ideas for Blog Posts: 5 Inspiring Places to Visit

3. Museums. What better place to try and stimulate some new ideas or content than your local museum. In a city like New York, dozens of different genres of museums are at our fingertips. In other cities, there may only be a few options. Regardless, go check out the local exhibit and see what else lurks beyond the museum doors. It might just be your next article.

4. Another city or country. Okay, obviously this is not necessarily an easy, accessible or cheap option. However, it was important to include it, because although not everyone is in a position to go someplace new, travel is one of the best ways to get inspired and activate your mind. Whether it’s a cultural spot or a beach, short or long, a getaway to someplace other then where you live can certainly change your point of view. At least literally, if not mentally.

5. Thrift stores. Everyone has at least one treasure or trinket that is somehow meaningful to them. Usually, in the case of a vintage or antique item, what makes something special isn’t always just its value, but its story. Even if you are not typically a person who shops at vintage or thrift stores, wandering into one can certainly do wonders for your creativity. Imagine all the stories all those items could potentially tell.

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October 7, 2014

New Ideas for Blog Posts: 5 Inspiring Places to Visit

  1. Jamie

    October 7th, 2014 at 12:36 pm

    What great tips – sometimes you just get in that rut with life in general and need something new. Now we have even more great ideas – thanks Blake!