March has gone, but oh April Spring, how I so deeply love you. This past weekend, we celebrated Easter with our immediate family and it was quiet, peaceful and absolutely fulfilling. Who would have thought that a day that started out with a deep cleaning of the kitchen floor, badminton in between scrubbing sessions, cooking, an Easter Egg hunt and eating could be SO amazing? I cooked everything: two roasts, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, corn and broccoli, had some rolls and salad. For dessert, we feasted on Pumpkin Pie, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and a Double Chocolate Cake for my husband who will be celebrating a birthday this week.

March Crafty Roundup

Yes, the first week of April ended pretty spectacularly, but I couldn’t leave March behind without sharing the oh so fabulous and inspiring March Crafty Roundup.

Quote Cards

I’ve loved March, it was full of fun, florals and quotes to inspire and uplift others. I used these Decorative Napkin Quote Cards in my Pocket Letters to my Pocket Letter Pals across the world and I had so much fun using Sparkle Podge. This was a spring board to all the fun that followed.

I love creating these posts at the beginning of each month. It brings so many different and unique creative minds together in one place. The TBCcrafters shared some amazing projects last month, full of green projects, St. Patrick’s Day themes, and yes, spring and Easter themes too. But only a few will make their way into the March Crafty Roundup. I’m hoping these mixed themes will inspire you to get crafty in April.

March Crafty Roundup Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Andrea from Adventures in All Things Food kicked off the month with a fun GREEN beauty DIY combining green tea and sugar. You’re going to love the results.

March Crafty Roundup Sea Shell Candles

Dawn of Check It Out with Dawn, continues to inspire me with her Beach Themed crafts. She comes up with the most creative ways to remember her husband. They are so touching. Check out what she does with her found sea shell treasures from the beach.

March Crafty Roundup Baby Chicks

Jamie from Tiger Strypes always takes ordinary everyday items and turns them into something amazing and adorable like this cute spring inspired craft from paper cups!

The TBCcrafters group is full of creatively unique woman who come together on a weekly basis to share their amazing crafts. Linked up, we help encourage, applaud, and promote one another. We hope that you’ll stop by week to week and visit with us a bit for some creative inspiration, and as always we’ll be sharing a crafty roundup right here every single month!

Did the March Crafty Roundup inspire you today?

Will you be crafting something creatively unique and inspiring today?


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April 6, 2015

March Crafty Roundup

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