Twitter is a fast paced social media networking service that allows you to connect with your friends, family, blogs and brands. However, the more your Twitter feed grows, the harder it can become to keep up and the likelihood of you missing something increases. With all of the action your Twitter stream is receiving you’ll want to stay on top of what’s going on. A Twitter list is a great solution for your both your personal and business accounts.



How To Use A Twitter List

How to Use a Twitter List

A Twitter list is a “curated list of Twitter users” that can be used as a go to for many of your social media networking needs. By creating a Twitter list, you are able to keep up with a select group of Twitter users. A list will show a stream of tweets from only the select group of users included within the list. Twitter lists are not for sending direct messages to select users, but as a means of compiling information in one Twitter stream for easy viewing.

How to Create and Add Users to a Twitter List

To create a list, simply visit your personal Twitter list page. Click create list. Enter the list name, short description and whether you’d like your list to be public or private and then save your list. You can add users to the list by clicking on the gear icon on a select users profile and then click add to list. Easy peasy, right?

Uses for a Twitter List

The options for utilizing a Twitter list are limitless, but here a few common ways Twitter lists are used: temporary lists, everyday lists, and business lists. Within each category of lists, there are many different ways you could benefit by using one.

Temporary Lists (use for a short period of time and delete)

  • Campaign Lists – When working on campaigns, create a list of campaign members to ensure that campaign requirements are being met and information is being shared. Since a campaign is time restricted, you can easily delete this list once the campaign closes.
  • Event/Conference Lists – Create a list of event/conference participants. Include, speakers, vendors, guests, etc to keep up with the Event/Conference information. Once the event/conference is over, simply delete the list.
  • Hashtags – Hashtags are important for events, campaigns, fundraisers, you can create a list that will follow the activity of the hashtag as it is open.

Note: To delete a Twitter list, simply visit the lists’ tab on your Twitter profile page, select the list you’d like to delete and select the delete option.

How to create Twitter List

Everyday Lists

Everyday lists can be used for organizing and easily finding and connecting with specific brands, bloggers, people, niches, communities, celebrities and geographical locations.

  • Niche – If you enjoy reading blogs that cater to a specific category/topic/niche, create a list that includes those users, so you won’t miss anything and you can read at your leisure.
  • People – Some people are just fun to follow. They brighten your day, make you laugh, share thoughtful and meaningful content. Create a list just for them.
  • Celebrities – If you like to keep up with the stars, create a list of your favorites and see where they are this weekend.
  • Communities – Belong to a specific community? Create a list so that it’s easier to connect with those involved.
  • Geographical Connections – You are headed to Dallas for a trip or you’re home and you want to connect with those in your area.

Twitter Lists for Business

  • Competitors – Keep up to date with what your competitors are doing, so you can stay ahead or follow a curve.
  • Employees – Let your clients know where all the people are in your company.
  • Clients – Keep of lists of clients so that you can keep in touch.
  • Potential Clients – Do your research and know what they’re looking for to be able close the deal.
  • Resources – Brands, Bloggers, Vendors, etc. Keep this list readily available and up to date for quick access when needed.

How to use a Twitter list

In what ways could you use a Twitter list? We’d love to hear your ideas, please leave a comment below.

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April 21, 2015

How To Use a Twitter List

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