You have a product, service, or event that is about to launch, and you need to get it out there and in the minds of the public. One avenue many businesses take—even large, established companies—is to approach bloggers who focus on the same niche they do to assist them in their promotion. Your approach can take many forms, one of which is asking them to publish a press release.

Why Bloggers May not Be Interested in Your Press Release

Why Bloggers May not Be Interested in Your Press Release

The problem? Many bloggers will turn this request down. In general, bloggers just aren’t interested in your press release. Below are a few of the reasons why bloggers may not be interested in your press release.

It Doesn’t Appeal to Their Audience

You may think you know the audience you are targeting, but bloggers are interacting with your audience on a daily basis and in an authentic way. If they feel you missed the mark with your press release, they aren’t going to publish it. Whether it is the topic of the press release or the language you use, if it isn’t going to capture their audience, they won’t be interested.

It is Too Sales-y

Used car salesman—the classic smarmy trope. Why? They aggressively push their sale, pulling out all the stops to get you to purchase. People love to buy, but they don’t like being pitched. If your press release is too aggressive, bloggers will not want it because it will alienate the audience they have worked so hard to cultivate.

The Tone is Too Distant

Cool, calm, and professional? Perfect, depending on the environment. Blogs attract readers because they are relaxed, open, casual, and friendly. It is okay to sound completely enthused with your product, service, or event. You aren’t pitching to business executives in the conference room; you are trying to reach people likely reading these blogs in their pajamas in bed or snuggled up on the couch. Use a tone that meets them where they are and matches that of the blog you are targeting.

There’s No Compensation

Some bloggers consider their blog to be a business. As business owners, their eye is on the bottom line and promoting your press release for free doesn’t benefit their blog in any way. If you actually want to work with a blog, consider offering compensation for the promotion so that it benefits you both.

Why Bloggers May not Be Interested in Your Press Release

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August 11, 2015

Why Bloggers May not Be Interested in Your Press Release

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  1. tara pittman

    August 11th, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    I read an interesting article about from the brands side. They send out 100 emails as they hope they can get 25 people who want to work for them.