Five years ago, you thought that this day would be a long way off. And now, here it is: your baby is about to start kindergarten. No matter how the day goes, it is going to be a memorable one for you. But what can you do to make it more unique for your child? Here are a few ways you can make this momentous day a memory your child will treasure forever.

How to make the first day of school memorable

How to Make the First Day of School Memorable

Buy a Special Outfit

If your school does not have a uniform policy, take your child out to buy a special, first-day-of-school outfit. Give your son or daughter the control so that they go to school on that first day feeling happy and confident—and showing their teacher all their fun personality.

Get Up Early and Make a Special Breakfast or a Fun Lunch

Make it exceptional right from the start. Cook your child’s favorite breakfast items and have them ready as he or she wakes up. Another option? Make a fun lunch. Google “Bento Box Lunches” to get some super creative ideas that will delight your child and his or her friends.

Take That Photo

The best way to help your child remember this big day? Take a picture. Then, on the last day of school, take another. Both you and your child will marvel at the changes he or she made over that first school year.

Bonus: Give the Teacher a Nice Gift

During your meet-the-teacher night, take a survey of the room. What theme does the teacher have? Is he or she super organized? Create or buy a gift that fits perfectly into their room, or give a sweet treat to enjoy at lunch. This small gift will help the teacher remember your child (guess whose name will be learned first) and show the teacher that you are ready to provide your support.

How to make the first day of school memorable

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August 14, 2015

How to Make the First Day of School Memorable

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