Thinking about working from home? You are in good company. More and more Americans are looking to step away from the office and start taking care of business from home. However, you cannot just plop down on the sofa and expect to start making money; you will need to make certain you have some technology to help you connect and get to work.

How much technology do you need to work from home

How Much Technology Do You Need to Work from Home

The Basics

There are plenty of different types of technology that will be helpful, but there are only three things you need. If you have these items, you should be able to work from home without an issue—though you probably will want to spring for some of the other items later on.

  • Number one: a quality internet connection. You want to make sure that you can receive video calls as well as upload and download with ease. If your connection is too slow, you will not be able to communicate effectively with bosses, clients, or coworkers.
  • Number two: a computer. Most of what you do will require a computer. A laptop is preferred over a desktop so that you can move and travel as needed.
  • Number three: a phone. A smartphone is best, but you will require phone of some sort so that you can be reached even when away from the computer.

The Extras

  • A printer/copier/scanner: you never know when you will need to print and sign a document and then scan it to send back.
  • A tablet: it gives you another way to work, and there are great apps to keep you organized.
  • A shredder: if you are working from home, chances are there will be sensitive documents crossing your desk at one point or another.
  • A headset: depending on the work you do, this might be an essential item while it is very much an extra for others.

Just how much technology do you need to work from home? A lot will depend on the job you are interested in, but this is a good start.

How much technology do you need to work from home

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August 19, 2015

How Much Technology Do You Need to Work from Home

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