If you enjoy blogging, you might be wondering how you can make money from it. After all, there are many bloggers out there who have taken their hobby and turned it into an enterprise that fully sustains themselves and their family. However, they are only a small fraction of all the bloggers out there.

How to turn your blog into a business

How To Turn Your Blog Into a Business


So what are some of the things they are doing that you should emulate if you want to achieve their same success?

Craft Your Blog

Without a blog that is well written, you do not have the base you need to launch off of. Work to make sure you have plenty of topics you can write about each week that will interest your audience. Keep your posts long enough to be meaningful but short enough that your audience doesn’t feel like reading your blog is a homework assignment. Friendly language is almost always better than getting technical, and images are always a plus. Make sure you find your voice and are not just imitating that of other successful bloggers. Finally, post often enough that you are on the minds of the audience, but not so often that it overwhelms. 2-4 times a week is sufficient.

Join Affiliate Programs that Let You Sell on Your Blog

Once you have built up your audience thanks to the quality of your blog, look into affiliate programs. Amazon offers one; BN.com is another well-known affiliate program. These programs will advertise products on your blog, and you will make money each time someone clicks on the ad and purchases the product. It is important that you build your audience first as most people will not make a purchase; you need real numbers for this to succeed.

Host Paid Advertisements

These are similar to the affiliate programs but easier to make money off of. With these programs, you get paid per click, whether or not a sale is made. More people will click out of curiosity than buy. However, the money you make from each click will be less than what you make from each purchase, so it is a good idea to find a way to host both on your blog

Get Paid to Write

Once you’ve established your blog, you may find that companies are interested in paying you to write about their products or services. Sponsored posts are similar to paid advertisements except you are paid whether or not people click on the post.

How did you turn your blog into a business?

How to turn your blog into a business

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August 24, 2015

How To Turn Your Blog Into a Business

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