If you consider blogging to be more than just a hobby for you, you will need to network the same as you would in any other profession. However, since blogging is something we tend to do within our homes, it can be difficult to get that networking process started.

Five tips for connecting with bloggers

Five Tips for Connecting with Bloggers

Here are five tips for connecting with bloggers you can use to build your circle.

Branch Out

If all you do for your blog is create posts, you are not going to meet other bloggers. While your blog is the centerpiece of your efforts, you need to be present elsewhere. Get on social media and like the pages of other bloggers, respond to their tweets and posts, re-pin their pins. Also, look into local events that bloggers in the same niche as you might attend.

Host Webinars, Hangouts, Tweet Chats, Etc

And don’t wait for there to be events that are local to you—you can create online events for people to attend. Even if you target these towards your audience, expect other bloggers in your niche to participate.

Link to Them on Your Blog

Every blog needs a blog roll. Make sure you have the bloggers you want to connect with on there; the chances are good that they will add you to their roll. Another way to do this is to link to them in a post, noting that they inspired you or that they have a post that expands on the topic you are writing. They will see where the traffic is coming from and will check you out.

Be One of Their Loyal Followers

Bloggers notice their regulars and treat them well. Try to comment frequently on their posts and share them on your personal social media pages. Just don’t go overboard.

Attend Conventions

Finally, make sure you attend as many blogging conventions as you can. Those that focus on your particular niche are important, but any event where you get to socialize with other bloggers is an excellent opportunity to connect.

How do you connect with bloggers?

Five tips for connecting with bloggers

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August 25, 2015

Five Tips for Connecting with Bloggers

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  1. Linda Kinsman

    August 25th, 2015 at 11:49 am

    All of these are great tips on connecting with other bloggers. I find it interesting that you mention a blogroll. I don’t see them on blogs very often anymore and wondered if they were a thing of the past.