A lot of people say golf is boring, and perhaps that is true for those watching it on TV from their recliner. But playing golf? It can be thrilling, meditative, and quite therapeutic. Not to mention that it can be an excellent way to network with others in your field.

Golf Tips for Beginners

Golf Tips for Beginners

So, if you are thinking about getting into to the game, consider the following golf tips for beginners.

Take Some Lessons

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. By taking a few lessons, you can learn proper posture, grip, swing, and more. It will save you some embarrassment from learning on the course and will give you more confidence when you first get out there with co-workers and contacts.

Don’t Forget to Work on Your Putting

When golfers practice their game, they tend to go to driving ranges. And while the skills you practice there are important, they are only half the game. Yes, about 50% of the swings taken in an average game are putts. If you want to become skilled at the game, you need to give equal time to practicing your putting.

Know Your Etiquette

The golf range is a social environment with its set of social rules and cues. A quick Google search can help you get started with understanding the protocol of most golf courses. However, it is a good idea first to go to the course with someone who has been golfing there for a while so they can point out anything unique to that particular course.

Don’t Let the Pressure Get to You

Remember: you are a beginner, you will make beginners mistakes. Do not let the pressure of the environment or more experienced golfers get to you. It is a learning process, and you will be better tomorrow than you were today.

Golf Tips for Beginners

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August 28, 2015

Golf Tips for Beginners

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