Like working in a traditional office, working at home means lots of paperwork crosses your desk. And as you would in any office, you will want to keep it organized. Before the clutter takes over your life, get proactive and learn how to reduce paper clutter in your home office.

How to Reduce Paper Clutter in Your Home Office

How to Reduce Paper Clutter in Your Home Office

Here five tips for reducing the paper clutter in your home office.

Instantly Recycle Junk Mail

As soon as it arrives, put it in the recycling bin—just make sure there is no sensitive information on it. If you struggle to do this because you always just open your mail and let it sit, make it a rule that you open all of your mail right next to the recycling bin. Whatever isn’t important goes right in.

Scan Documents and Shred the Originals

Vital documents require that you keep the originals, but many items can just be scanned and kept on a cloud drive. This is an excellent way to reduce the clutter around your home and make your file cabinet drawers lighter.

Go Paperless with Your Bills and Billing System

Many transactions can now be done 100% online. This includes bank statements, the bills you receive, and the bills you send out. If you are still getting paper bills and statements, contact the companies to see what options they have for going paperless.

Organize Yourself with Apps

You do not need to keep a paper ledger, agenda, calendar, etc. Instead, use apps to keep all of these items in one nice and tidy spot that you can access anywhere at any time—your phone or tablet.

Keep a Tidy Filing Cabinet

Finally, when it comes to papers you have to keep around, make sure you keep them filed away in a way that feels neat and organized.

How to Reduce Paper Clutter in Your Home Office

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September 2, 2015

How to Reduce Paper Clutter in Your Home Office

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