Following cultural trends is one of the best ways to stay on top of what’s hot right now in the younger generation. Teens and young adults tend to be early adopters. They are much more likely to catch on to a current trend than someone in an older age bracket. Only once these cultural trends have been around a while do you see older age groups accepting them.

Following cultural trends

Following Cultural Trends

There are several cultural trends that have proven popular for 2015. Whether they will continue to grow in popularity into 2016 or be replaced by another trend isn’t easy to predict right now. These cultural trends impact print, digital and video marketing and advertising across several levels.

Selfies – During 2015, the use of selfie and selfies has increased over 2000%. The Axe Deodorant Kiss for Peace campaign revolved around a selfie as seen by their Times Square advertising in 2014. GoPro managed to use successfully selfies in their advertising campaigns during the same period. This trend isn’t restricted to just the United States, Turkish Airlines used a selfie advertising campaign featuring Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi.

Wearable Technology – Another hot trend for 2015 that is predicted to continue into 2016 is wearable technology. Everything from fitness trackers to the Apple Watch will continue in popularity.While wearable technology is still relatively new, you can expect that some will begin showing ads to users.

Internet of Things РMore and more of our everyday objects are becoming smart and connected. The Internet of Things roughly refers to an everyday object being able to connect to the internet. Researchers see this trend as continuing. Not only will your phone be able to connect to and interact with the internet, but other things like alarm clocks, home security systems, and even toothbrushes will have this capability. Just recently, Philips Sonicare introduced (in Germany) a connected toothbrush for kids that will track and respond to toothbrushing in real time.

Following cultural trends can help ensure that your product remains competitive and appealing to consumers.

Following cultural trends

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September 10, 2015

Following Cultural Trends

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