State Fairs: they are a quintessential summer event that many of us have fond memories. As children, it is usually the rides and animals that excited, but for the adults? Priority number one is the food.

Best State Fair Foods to Enjoy

Best State Fair Foods to Enjoy

Below are some of the most interesting items that have been popping up at state fairs, as well as a few classics that should not be missed.

Fried Avocado Bites

Fair food is unhealthy—that is a given. But these fried avocado bites will make you feel a little better about indulging yourself. First featured at the California State Fair; they are starting to pop up around the country. If you get the chance to try these out, you should not let the opportunity pass you by.

Spaghetti and Meatball on a Stick

This creative take on a classic dish comes from the Minnesota State Fair. It seems like every vendor is trying to find a new, innovative food to put on a stick, and this one sure seems out there. A cooked meatball and cooked spaghetti are balled up, coated in garlic batter, and deep-fried. This is not something you can get just anywhere, and you should give it a taste if you find it.

Fried Coca-Cola (Texas) Coca-Cola Flavored Batter

How can you fry soda? Well, you can’t; not in the traditional manner, anyway. Instead, the batter is infused with Coca-Cola and then deep-fried before it is coated with powdered sugar and Coca-Cola syrup. This sweet treat it sure to delight and comes from one of the biggest innovators in the world of fair foods: Texas.

The Classics (funnel cake, corn dogs, pie, caramel apples)

Finally, while they might not be as innovative as the foods above, these classics should not be missed. Funnel cakes, corn dogs, pies, caramel apples, salt-water taffy, and more are delightful items that are sure to get you into the fair spirit.

Best State Fair Foods to Enjoy

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September 11, 2015

Best State Fair Foods to Enjoy

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