For those who are looking to work from home, selling items on eBay can be quite tempting. The process of acquiring the good you will sell can be plenty of fun and the actual work involved is pretty minimal.

Tips for selling on eBay

Tips for Selling on eBay

However, this doesn’t mean that selling on eBay is fool-proof; there are still ways you can go wrong. If you decide to become an eBay seller, keep the following tips for selling on eBay in mind to make the most out of your venture.

Take Quality Photos

In any virtual marketplace, the quality of your photos is critical. Buyers cannot pick up the product, play with it, or try it on, so the photos must tell the story. To teach yourself a few tricks to taking good pictures, just look for instructional videos on YouTube. If you do not have a good camera, it might be a smart investment to make, even a used one just to get you started.

SEO Titles

SEO: Search Engine Optimization. SEO means using keywords that are likely to be targeted when searching the site or even searching in Google. If buyers are going to find your listings, they need to show up in their search results. Think about what terms an interested buyer would use to find your product.

Keep Overhead in Mind

Make sure you aren’t selling items for less than your overhead. Bear in mind the cost of acquiring the items, the cost of packaging, and the cost of shipping before you list.

Keep Shipping Costs in Mind

Be sure that you are keeping shipping costs in mind when you consider what you’ll be selling. Items that are very heavy or bulky may cost more to ship than the item itself is worth. If buyers don’t want to pay high shipping costs, your item may never sell.

Tips for selling on eBay

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September 14, 2015

Tips for Selling on eBay

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