When we talk about our inner child, we are usually talking about our creative spirit—that fearless side of ourselves that is willing to take risks and try something new.

How to encourage creativity in your child

How to Encourage Creativity in Your Child

So when it comes to our children, we naturally want to encourage their innate creativity. If you are wondering how to encourage creativity in your child, try out some of the following ideas.

Play with Junk

We all know the joke about the kid who gets a big present only to play with the box. Kids love to play with the things we think of as junk. Encourage this, and find unusual ways to use your trash for art, toys, instruments, and more. Pinterest is a great place to go to get some inspiration.

Write Before Bedtime

We all do a little reading with our kids before bed, but few of us write. Even if your child cannot write on his or her own, you can write together. Journal about the day, create stories, write songs, and more. This is the perfect way to get creative juices flowing, and it might even give you some inspiration.

Have a Dance Party

Kids love to music, and they like to move. Encourage your child to move to the beat of whatever songs you enjoy and let the music take control. And take part! Seeing you give in and enjoy will give your child the courage and freedom to do so as well.

Encourage Dress Up

Let your child use their imagination by dressing up. Have some different outfits and costumes for them to play with to encourage their creativity. These can include play silks, costumes or even a parent’s evening clothes. Make sure to have accessories like hats, shoes, magic wands, doctor bags, capes, etc.

How to encourage creativity in your child

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September 18, 2015

How to Encourage Creativity in Your Child

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