Life gets stressful from time to time—that is a fact. However, suffering from stress does not need to be a reality of life. When things start to feel too overwhelming or frustrating, there are things you can do to help bring the stress down and start feeling better, calmer, and ultimately more productive.

Tips for relieving stress

Tips for Relieving Stress

Check Your Habits

Sometimes we cause ourselves stress through our habits. If you are not eating well, avoid exercise, or partake in vices a bit too often, you are adding stress to your body. That physical stress will ultimately manifest itself as mental stress, bringing you down. Work to be healthy in your habits and you will soon see a difference in the way you feel overall.

Engage in Positive Self-Talk

Often, we make a stressful situation worse due to negative internal dialogue. Instead of telling yourself you cannot do something, or that your efforts are going to end with disaster, tell yourself you can do it, that the task will get done, and that you will do it well. Changing the way we talk to ourselves changes everything.

Learn Some Breathing Exercises

If your stress is starting to manifest itself physically, try some breathing exercises to calm yourself. These exercises will loosen up the tightness in your chest caused by stress and panic and will help get oxygen to your blood, relaxing your body throughout. You can Google these techniques or even watch videos on YouTube to find the exercises that most appeal to you.

Walk Away for a Moment (or Two)

Finally, sometimes the best way to deal with stress if to remove yourself from the situation. Even if it is a task you must get done, getting a little space can help calm you and clear your head so that you can give your best instead—something your frazzled self cannot do.

Tips for relieving stress

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September 23, 2015

Tips for Relieving Stress

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