Every child loves to fingerpaint, but many parents find the activity stressful. However, if you approach it correctly, it can be an enjoyable activity for both child and parent. Consider the tips below to make the most of fingerpainting with your child.

Tips for finger painting with your child

Tips for Finger Painting with Your Child

Set Up in a Safe Space

Things are going to get messy—there is no avoiding it. To make the mess easier for you to handle, set up in a safe space. Outdoors is the best, but if the weather is cold, your kitchen is an excellent alternative since the surfaces in the room should easily wipe clean.

Use Designated Art Clothing

Even if the room is easy to clean, clothes may not be. Designate a specific shirt and pants as the art clothes, that way you don’t need to stress about stains and your child can feel free to be creative.

Tape the Paper Down

Kids tend to get a little crazy with their motions as they fingerpaint. By taping the paper down, you make it easier for them to stay on the paper and not crumple it as they work.

Purchase Washable, Non-Toxic Paint

To make the inevitable messes easier to clean and safe for your child, purchase washable, non-toxic paints. These paints should wipe away easily and without leaving a stain behind and will not cause harm should your child accidentally ingest them or get them in his or her eyes.

Use This Time to Express

Do not restrict your child as he or she works. This is a time to have fun, let go, and express emotions and ideas. You will be amazed at how creative your child can be.

Use This Time to Learn

Finger painting is a great activity for learning. Children can learn about shapes and colors, even blending colors to create new colors. It is more than just a fun activity; it is educational, too

Tips for finger painting with your child

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September 25, 2015

Tips for Finger Painting with Your Child

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