Need to write a press release to promote your product, service, or brand? It is easy to get intimidated by this task. After all, we are taught how to create many forms of writing in school, but press releases are rarely one of them. Including the important elements of a press release will help make yours more successful.

Important elements of a press release

Important Elements of a Press Release

If you are feeling a little lost about how to get started with writing your press release, check out the simple guidelines below. And, as with any form of writing, check out some examples you can model your writing after.

Make Sure People Are Interested in the Topic

There is no point in writing a press release if no one will feel motivated to read it. You need to know your target audience and understand what they will and will not be interested in. If you do not think there will be enough people interested, your energy would be better spent figuring out how to drum up interest before making the press release.

Make Sure the Headline Hooks the Reader

We all judge books by their cover, and especially their title. When it comes to press releases, your headline is the hook. Make it direct yet exciting, using language that is likely to grab your reader and pique their curiosity.

Pick a Good Quote

All good press releases should have a quote, usually from the person offering the product or service or who owns the brand. It should provide insight regarding what you are promoting, but it should not be over-the-top gushing about it. Direct, logical language works best.

Release it at the Right Time

You have probably noticed that moving a television show to the weekend is considered to be signaling the death of the show. There is a reason for that: people are busy living their lives. Releasing a press release on the weekend or late in the day means fewer people will bother reading it. Stick to early in the week and at the start of business hours.

Important elements of a press release

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September 29, 2015

Important Elements of a Press Release

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