Most of us have at least a few friends who have found success in direct sales. When they talk about it, it is hard not to be curious about trying it out for yourself. They get to be their own boss, set their schedule, and they never seem to be hurting for money. But is direct sales right for you?

Is direct sales right for you?

Is Direct Sales Right for You?

It very well might be, but it isn’t for everyone—you do need to possess certain characteristics.

You Need to Have a Critical Eye

Not all direct sales companies are created equal. There are many out there that are incredibly successful for the company and the representatives alike. There are also businesses that do not deliver the best results for their representatives. And, unfortunately, there are scams that pop up from time to time. You must examine each opportunity critically.

You Need to Be Persuasive

And keep in mind that this is not the same as arguing—you won’t make any sales that way! You need to be good at selling, at playing up the right features to the right person. If you know how to make a product seem appealing, you should have no problems with direct sales.

You Need to be Flexible (in how you respond at the moment and the ways you reach clients)

This is a big one. Each potential client requires a different approach, and you will need to tweak it in the moment, responding to their responses and cues. You also need to be flexible in how you reach your clients. While parties and door-to-door were big in the past and still work now, you need to be able to make the online world work for you as well.

You Need to be Patient

Direct sales does not tend to take off the moment you start. You have to build your base and branch out from there. The start can be slow, but the end results are worth it.

You Need to be Open to Off Hours

Finally, since it’s hard to sell to clients while they are at work, you will need to be able to work when they are home and able to purchase from you. This means that nights and weekends are prime time for you.

Is direct sales right for you?

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October 7, 2015

Is Direct Sales Right for You?

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  1. tara pittman

    October 7th, 2015 at 1:16 pm

    I dont like selling so it is not for me. I also hate talking to people on the phone.