Often when brands and agencies partner with bloggers, it is for one particular post. The blogger is often asked for a single sponsored post or review, and there is no real continuation of the relationship once that post has been finished. While a one-time blogging partnership can certainly be rewarding, you may want to consider the benefit of long term blogging relationships.

Benefit of Long Term Blogging Relationships

Benefit of Long-Term Blogging Relationships

A long term blogging relationship can have several benefits that a one-time relationship with a blogger doesn’t have. While it’s not appropriate in every situation, it’s something that works for many brands.

  • Authenticity – If a blogger raves about your brand of coffee one week and a competitor’s coffee the next, it may not seem as authentic to their readers. Creating a long term relationship where they use only your coffee for a longer period, can seem more authentic.
  • Variety – If you have a range of products or different product lines, working with on blogger over a longer period will let her experience them all. If you love her writing or content style, this is a great way for you to promote several products.
  • Discount – Not all bloggers offer this, but some do. If you arrange for several posts from one blogger over a period, they may offer you a discount on their standard post rate.
  • Expert opinion – If you have a product that requires some expertise like a power tool, tech item or line of small appliances, your chosen blogger will become more of an expert on how the product works as the time progresses.
  • Time saving – Instead of searching for ten bloggers a month, you can save time by searching for ten bloggers that will work for you for six months.

When forming a blogging relationship, do you prefer a short term or long term?

Benefit of Long Term Blogging Relationships

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October 22, 2015

Benefit of Long Term Blogging Relationships

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