Why use Instagram to reach customers? Trying to get your business out there and build up your base? Then you need to start using Instagram. While many companies still ignore this social media platform, opting for Facebook and Twitter instead, it is a fantastic platform to use. Below are just a few reasons why you should use Instagram to reach customers.

Why use Instagram to reach customers

Why Use Instagram to Reach Customers

Visuals Grab Us, and Instagram is Purely Visual

If you are already on Facebook, you know that best practices dictate that you should always include a photo when you post. Photos get people to stop scrolling and pay attention. With Instagram, everything is visual since it is a photo sharing platform. Users tend to take their time, which means they are more likely actually to pay attention to your content.

You Can Repeatedly Showcase Your Product

The great thing about this being a photo sharing platform is that your followers expect to see you showcasing your product every day. On other platforms, this might seen as overwhelming or intrusive, but with Instagram, it is welcomed. You can showcase different aspects of your product and allow users to see it from a well-rounded perspective.

It Allows You to Document Your Company Behind the Scenes

Instagram is a very intimate social media platform. People use it to share the moments of their lives that are most dear to them, those that not everyone would get to witness were it not for Instagram. You can do the same for your company, allowing potential customers to see what everything looks like behind the scenes, getting to know you and your company better.

There are many reasons to use Instagram to reach customers. Whichever one you choose, be sure that you are sharing your best photography while keeping it real. Not everything needs to be staged. Candid shots work wonderfully as well.

Why use Instagram to reach customers

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October 29, 2015

Why Use Instagram to Reach Customers

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