If you have done any reading on how to keep your blog and social media presence strong, chances are good that you have heard about the importance of engagement. But what isn’t always clear is just what exactly engagement is. In essence, engagement is when you interact directly with your audience through questions or comments directed towards them.

Why engagement matters

Why Engagement Matters

Engagement comes on two levels—general and direct. General engagement is often the first step towards direct engagement. What might general engagement look like? You could end a blog post on toddler discipline with a simple question, “What do you do at home that works for you?” Or you could post a photo on your social media page of someone using your product and encourage your followers to add their own in the comments. From there, you can move on to direct engagement—engagement where you are directly addressing a single individual. You can comment back, ask further questions, and really get into a discussion.

But knowing what engagement is isn’t the same as knowing why engagement matters. Below are just a few of the reasons you should be engaging with your audience.

It Makes Your Audience Feel Their Time is of Value

When you stop to ask your audience questions and respond to their comments, it makes them feel less like they are wasting time online and more as though they are doing something of value. This is vital if you are looking to keep your audience coming back time and time again—which you are.

It Stops the Relationship from Being One-Sided

Your relationship with your audience is like any other relationship—it must have give and take on both sides. If your audience is talking and you aren’t listening, they will stop talking and eventually stop reading.

It Opens Up Honest Feedback

If you actively engage your audience, you never have to worry about what they are thinking of you and your content because they will tell you. This honest feedback is vital to tweaking your content and presentation.

For these reasons and more, it is imperative that you take the time to engage with your audience.

Why engagement matters

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November 12, 2015

Why Engagement Matters

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