Have you noticed a trend toward minimalism in blog design? As 2015 winds to a close, everyone is looking to the future and trying to determine which trends are going to be big in 2016. In the world of blogging, the big trend coming our way is a move from elaborate design toward minimalism—crisp edges, smooth lines, black text, and white backgrounds.

Trend toward minimalism in blog design

Minimalism in Blog Design

The tides have been pushing towards a more minimalist design for a while now. Flat design has been big for several years in the world of web design, and minimalism is just taking that trend a step further. There is no mystery as to why designers are moving in this direction.

But being trendy inherently the same thing as being good. So why should you consider revamping your blog to embrace a more minimalist design?

Minimalist Design is Easy to Navigate

Part of the problem with a busy design is that it confuses the reader. It is easy to become confused by the various elements and be uncertain as to what you should click on and what elements take priority. With a minimalist design, things are much more intuitive and easier on your audience.

Minimalist Design Does Not Distract from Your Message

A busy design pulls the eye away from your words, which look pretty boring in comparison. While your reader is distracted by the design, your message is getting lost. Minimalist designs allow content to be showcased over the design itself, making it easier to communicate with your audience.

Minimalist Design Makes the Most of Color and Font

You should not get the idea that a minimalist design is boring. Pops of color and strategically chosen font changes can be stunningly beautiful while still maintaining a minimalist feel. It is not a lack of design, it is simply avoiding over-designing.

What are your thoughts?

Trend toward minimalism in blog design

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November 19, 2015

Minimalism in Blog Design

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