As the weather grows cold, the kids grow restless. A great way to keep them busy is to complete some crafts together, especially if those crafts get you outside for a little while. Below are some simple fun fall crafts for kids you can do.

Fun fall crafts for kids

Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

Tree Branch Ornaments

When the winds whip up nice and fast, it isn’t uncommon for a branch or two to fall away. Make use of these branches to create beautiful, natural ornaments to decorate with. You cut them into rounds for the kids and then you can paint and stamp them to make them unique. One quick pass with the drill and you can attach a ribbon to turn them into lovely ornaments.

Classic Handprint Turkey

This is a great craft to do before Thanksgiving. You can either trace hands and fill them in with colors or put the paint on your kids hands and let them press them onto the paper to make the turkey. Fingers are the feathers and the thumb is the head; all you need to do is add feet and a beak!

Pinecone Birdfeeders

This one is simple and fun to do. Go on a hike and collect as many pinecones as you can. Once you get them home, set up your birdfeeder making station with peanut butter, twine, and birdseed. Tie the twine around the top of the pinecone and spread peanut butter over the cone; heating it up a bit can make it easier to spread. Once the peanut butter is in place, roll the pinecone in the birdseed and then hang on a branch in the backyard. Then all you need to do is wait for the birds to come and feed.

Leaf Orb

Gather up all the most beautiful leaves you can find and then attach them to a balloon using Modge Podge glue. Once the glue dries, you pop the balloon and are left with a lovely orb to hang outside or decorate the porch with.

Fun fall crafts for kids to do

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November 20, 2015

Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

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