Do you know the benefits of set hours for a WAHM? One of the benefits of being a work-at-home mom is that you have flexibility in your schedule. Doctor’s appointments, school events, and other daytime activities can be easily accommodated. So the idea that there are benefits to having set hours might strike you as odd. However, just as there are points in favor of leaving your schedule flexible, there are also points in favor of abiding by a set schedule.

Benefits of set hours for a WAHM

Benefits of Set Hours for a WAHM

It Gives You a Framework and Stability

As a mother, you have no doubt been told how important routine is to your children. It allows them to set expectations for themselves and to meet those expectations. It gives them a sense of security and allows them to explore and take risks while feeling comfortable doing so. It reduces friction between parent and child by making the framework of each day simple and clear.

While we think of routine as being something vital for children, it is actually something that is vital for humans in general. When you have set working hours, it is easy to create the framework of your day and get everything done. Stability is also important, as you do not need to worry about what life will look like from day to day. Both of these aspects set you up to be more successful at your job.

It Gives You Motivation

If you know that there is no more working after 3 pm, you will be more motivated to get your tasks out of the way before then. When you keep a flexible schedule, it is easy to tell yourself that you can get things done later—after your partner is home, after dinner is done, after the kids go to bed. The next thing you know, it is midnight, and you are just getting your task done.

It Keeps Family Time Sacred

When you set your hours and refuse to work outside of them, it allows you to treat your family time with the respect it deserves. You aren’t hiding in your office in the evenings or taking care of bookkeeping on the weekends. Instead, you are getting in that quality time that you crave, and that is vital to the health of your family unit.

Benefits of set hours for a WAHM

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November 25, 2015

Benefits of Set Hours for a WAHM

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