Are you done with your last minute prep for the holidays? Tomorrow is the big day, but if you aren’t quite ready, you’re not alone. Whether you have just been putting things off, or you just found yourself hosting Thanksgiving with 24-hours’ notice, it is not unusual to need some last minute holiday prep ideas. If you are stressing about pulling it all together, keep the tips below in mind.

Roast Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner

Last Minute Prep for the Holidays

Let Go of Perfection

As the host, it is easy to obsess over every little detail. However, you guests will not be. The key to Thanksgiving is good food and good company. As long as you have those two things covered, you can relax. Let the small things go and focus on what really matters.

Make Ahead What You Can

Okay, so this is a more practical tip. You have the rest of the day today to get things started. You do not need to wait until the day of the dinner to start prepping and making food. Whatever you can do today, do. It will make tomorrow a lot easier on you.

Search for Simple Recipes

When we think about making Thanksgiving dinner, we picture hosts running around the kitchen all day long. It doesn’t have to be that way. Simple recipes can be just as delectable as complex recipes, but they will leave you time to actually enjoy your day off and spend time with your family.

Opt for Natural Décor

This is one that confuses even the most dedicated of hosts. What can you use to decorate for Thanksgiving? The perfect decorations are all around you. Gather up some dried leaves, sticks, and pinecones to create natural seasonal art. You can also use fresh, seasonal veggies in bowls and glass vases to showcase the colors and textures of the season

What type of last minute prep for the holidays do you do?

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November 25, 2015

Last Minute Prep for the Holidays

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