What are the benefits of allowing employees to work at home? One of the biggest trends in the business world over the last few years has been giving employees the flexibility of working from home. Most of the articles on the topic focus on how this can benefit the employees being given the chance to exercise this option, which might make you wonder if there are any benefits to the company. The truth? There are many advantages to allowing your employees to work from home. Below are four ways making this an option can benefit your business.

Benefits of Allowing Employees to Work at Home

Benefits of Allowing Employees to Work at Home

You Can Reduce or Eliminate Your Office Space

Your office space is likely a pretty considerable expense for your company. Whether you rent or own, a lot of money goes into the monthly payments or the taxes on the space. There are utilities that must be paid, equipment and furniture to buy, repair, and upgrade as needed, and staff you must employ just to keep it clean and functional. If employees are working from home, all of these expenses can be eliminated. Even if you choose to keep a small office with a few staff members there on a daily basis, you will still be significantly reducing your expenses.

You Can Branch Out When Hiring

When you open a position for on-site work, the only applicants you will get are those who already live locally or who are willing to move. This means that you might not be getting the best candidates for the job. Remote work opens the position up to people across the country and around the world, allowing you a better chance of hiring someone who will truly be best at the job.

You Can Often Pay Less

Many employees are seeking a better work/life balance and are willing to take a pay cut to get it. And since working from home cuts down on the expenses associated with a commute and an office-ready wardrobe, taking that pay cut is feasible for them.

You Can Get in More Work Hours

The time that your employees do not spend commuting can instead be used to get a little bit more work done. Many employees commute an hour or more to work each day. Imagine what that extra time each day could do for your job.

Benefits of Allowing Employees to Work at Home

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November 27, 2015

Benefits of Allowing Employees to Work at Home

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