As a blogger, building your audience is incredibly important. Do you know how to find local readers for your blog? There are many cases where having a strong local audience is more important than just establishing a broad readership base. While winning over the locals might sound easier than grabbing readers from all over, targeting people within a small geographic area can be pretty hard. To help make the process easier for you, keep the following five tips in mind.

How to Find Local Readers For Your Blog

How to Find Local Readers For Your Blog

Offer to Write Guest Articles for Local News and Magazine Websites

In many cases, local online outlets are more than happy to give you the chance to create content for them as a guest writer. You should get a byline and a profile that you can use to talk about your blog and link readers back to it. The more chances you have to write, the greater your exposure will be.

Make an Exchange of Promotion with a Local Business

This exchange is particularly useful if you target businesses in the same niche as your blog. You can offer to promote them on your blog and, in return, they can advertise your blog inside of their business or on their website.

Use Targeted Advertising on Social Media Sites

Some social media sites allow you to pay for advertisements that target people logging in from certain zip codes or regions. Targeting like this is an excellent way to get your blog out there to people in the area without needing to do any real advertisements or incur the costs associated with them.

Comment on Other Local Blogs

Getting them to do guest posts with you would be best, but even just commenting can help get attention from local readers. Just make sure you are commenting with a profile associated with your blog and you will be able to catch the attention of the most active readers.

SEO Optimize for Local Keywords

Finally, use keywords that are likely to be searched by local readers. An easy way to get started is to combine the name of the city or cities you are targeting and the topic you are writing. For example St. Louis nanny service or Denver orthodontist. Try to use your targeted keyword once every 100 words for the best results.

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November 30, 2015

How to Find Local Readers For Your Blog

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