Do you know how to balance work and life? If you struggle to find the right balance for you between work and your personal life, you are not alone. This struggle is among the top complaints that working Americans have. It seems as though everyone is affected by this in one way or another; either you have trouble maintaining this balance or one of your loved ones does. And, as many workers switch to working at home instead of in an office, this can become even more difficult since home and work are one and the same.

How to Balance Work and Life

How to Balance Work and Life

However, it is possible to find the right balance for yourself and your family. There are just a few changes you need to make, and you will start to find yourself stressing less and connecting with those who matter to you more. Read on to learn more.

Learn to Say No

The first one is often the hardest one. Many of us struggle to say no—not just to our bosses, but to anyone. We associate the word no with rejection and hurt feelings. But the problems is that saying yes all the time means taking on too much responsibility and losing the time you need to be spending with your family. Learn how to say no to that extra assignment, no to organizing the school fundraiser, and no to the weekly extended family dinner so you can dedicate more time to your immediate family.

Keep Work Out of the Main Areas of the Home

If you work from home or just sometimes need to take few of a few issues after hours, it is important that you separate it from the living spaces of the home. Once you start to let work invade the places you are meant to relax in, you will feel more comfortable taking on extra work that cuts into family time. It is too easy to tell yourself you are spending time with them just because you are in the same room as them. Create a dedicated office space, even if it means converting a closet, to keep work separate from family.

Create a Strict Schedule

Make a schedule for each day of the week outlining work hours, family hours, and perhaps a couple of flex hours that could be used for either purpose. Of course, making the schedule is the easy part; the real struggle is sticking to it. Be strict with yourself and abide by the plan, no matter what.

Keep Yourself Organized

To free up more time to be with family, keep yourself very organized. Use a planner to keep everything scheduled. There are even family planner apps that allow all members of the family to add events, making it easier to sync up with everyone. The more organized you are, the less time you will lose to trying to figure out what you need to do next, giving you more time for those you love.

Unplug After a Certain Hour

And this goes for everyone, not just you. If this is a struggle for your family, you could just set an hour each day as an unplugged time. Turn off devices or even shut off the Wi-Fi in the house to bring everyone’s attention back to each other rather than the digital world.

Make these changes and you should find that your work/life balance significantly improves in no time.

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December 3, 2015

How to Balance Work and Life

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