If you are a blogger, you are aware of the benefits of guest posting. If you haven’t done some yourself, you have read some posted on other’s blogs. But is guest posting the right choice for you? It can be. Below are a few different benefits of guest posting, both for you as a guest poster and for you as a blogger hosting a guest post.

Benefits of guest posting

The Benefits of Guest Posting

When You Are Guest Posting

It Presents You As an Authority Figure

Another blogger has chosen to allow you to write on their blog about a topic. This displays a great deal of trust in you. This confidence transfers to the readers who will see you as an authority figure on the topic, making them more likely to seek out your content in the future when they have questions.

Drives Readers to Your Blog

When you post, you should be given a profile that you can fill in with a link to your blog. Many of the readers will check out this profile and follow it back to your blog, possibly becoming converted readers.

Builds You Brand

Awareness of you and your blog also means awareness of your brand. The more you guest post, the greater the reach of your brand and the public’s awareness of it.

When You Host Guest Posters

Pulls Their Traffic to Your Blog

Dedicated readers will follow their favorite bloggers wherever they go, and that includes your blog. Ask them to link to their post on your blog to ensure that their audience will head your way. Hopefully, some of that increased traffic will convert into a solid base.

Expands Your Circle of Influence

The bigger the blogger you host, the larger your influence, or at least that will be the perception. This is an excellent way to develop working relationships with other bloggers and attract others to you. You might even end up getting some offers from other bloggers whom you would love to work with.

Establishes You As a Power within Your Niche

Finally, hosting guest bloggers gives you an image as a force within your niche. Rather than just being someone who produces content, you become someone who draws authority figures to you. This is incredibly powerful when it comes to making a name for yourself in the blogging world

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December 10, 2015

The Benefits of Guest Posting

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