There are only a few more weeks before the calendar year–and fiscal year–changes over. But before you switch to a new calendar on your wall, there are a few things to buy for your business. Below are our top five purchases to make for your business before the end of the year.

5 Things to Buy for Your Business Before the End of the Year

5 Things to Buy for Your Business Before the End of the Year

Anything On Sale

Well, not anything, but the items your business could use. The end of the year means lots of sales that you should take advantage of–especially the day after Christmas. Start making your wish list now and keep an eye out for deals that would make the purchase worth it for you.

Gift Certificates and Cards Offering Special Deals

Right now, many merchants are offering deals where you can buy a certain amount in gift cards and then get a little bonus for yourself—usually around $20. If these deals are being offered by merchants you shop for your business, they can prove to be an excellent way to get the things you need while saving money.

Design and Other Creative Services

If you need some photographs taken or advertisements created for the new year, now is the time. Many creative professionals are offering excellent deals right now to entice customers and earn some extra money for the season. Take advantage of these deals and get ahead on tasks waiting for you in 2016.

Large Items for Tax Deduction

Whatever you purchase this year can be claimed as a deduction on taxes. If there are significant items you have been eying, now if the time to go for them. Wait until January 1st and you will be waiting a whole year before you can claim the purchase on your taxes.

Charitable Donations

Finally, the holidays are a time of giving, and much like those large purchases mentioned above, you need to give your gift in 2015 if you want to be able to claim it on your taxes. This is an excellent way to benefit yourself and your business as well as those in need

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December 14, 2015

5 Things to Buy for Your Business Before the End of the Year

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