It always seems to ruin any good photo: the shot is well framed, everyone looks good, but someone’s eyes are glowing a demonic red. But while using traditional film was pretty much a lost cause when it came to red eye, digital photography makes it easy to correct this unattractive problem. Below are some tips to help you remove red eye in photos.

How to Remove Red Eye in Photos

How to Remove Red Eye in Photos

Prevent It

Red-eye is caused by light reflecting off of the retina. To prevent red eye, you can photograph your subject in certain ways. One way to do this is to take photographs outside in the daylight. The natural, bright light causes pupils to narrow, reducing the chances of light reflecting off the retina.

If you need to photograph indoors or in darker conditions, check your digital camera or phone to see if it has an anti-red eye feature. You can also use a secondary light source, so the pupil does not dilate as much. Finally, ask your subjects to look slightly away from the camera to reduce further the occurrence of red-eye.

Still, Red Eye Happens

Even when you do everything right, red-eye will happen from time to time. When it happens, you have a few options for addressing it.

Photo Editing Software

You can use fancy, paid programs, such as Photoshop. These programs are excellent at getting rid of red-eye if you know how to use them. If you aren’t a photo editing genius, there are user-friendly options. Some of these options are even free, such as LunaPic. Just select the Red Eye Reduction tool and target those red eyes to reduce or eliminate the effect.

Photo Editing Apps

If you take your photos using your phone, there are many photo editing apps that have red eye tools. However, in many cases, an app isn’t even needed. Open the editing feature that comes with your phone to see if it has red eye removal or reduction tools.

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December 29, 2015

How to Remove Red Eye in Photos

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