Are you working at home during the holidays? For many of us, the holidays are a time to kick back at home and forget about the stresses of work. The majority will get at least a few days off for relaxation; the lucky ones might even get a week or two.

Working at Home During the Holidays

Working at Home During the Holidays

But when you work from home, it isn’t so simple. Depending on the type of work you do, you might not even have a regular day off every week. Projects and tasks are always rolling in, even on Saturday and Sunday. And the holidays? You might find that they are even busier than the rest of the year.

Even if projects aren’t rolling in, your home is where you work, and it can be tempting to sneak in a little something while the kids are watching Elf or while you are waiting for the timer to beep for those cookies in the oven. When you work from home, it is hard not to see any spare moment as an opportunity.

But is that the best use of your holidays? Probably not. So to help you make the most of these days, keep the following tips in mind.

Set Aside Three Days for the Nuclear Family

You need to make sure you are getting in some quality time with your children and partner. And the big holiday gatherings do not count. If your big celebration means spending the day with your entire extended family, consider it additional to these three days.

What do you do with these three days? Anything you want. It might mean going to see a light display, taking a weekend getaway, or even just watching movies on Netflix. As long as you are together, anything works.

Make a Holiday Bucket List

What are the special things each member of your family wants to do before the holiday season is over? Put them on the bucket list. You can use this list to plan those three days, or you can use it to make your evenings and other downtime special.

Plan at Least One Special Activity Each Day

Bucket list or not, make sure you set aside time every day to do something special. Bake cookies, make snowflakes from popsicle sticks—whatever works for your family. These don’t need to be incredibly time-consuming as long as they make the moment count

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December 30, 2015

Working at Home During the Holidays

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