As the year changes, I’m always curious what types of trends will change as well. So, just what are the trends to watch for 2016? The internet and social media evolve so quickly that it’s difficult to stay on top of what’s going on. Not keeping up with the trends can negatively impact your visibility and your bottom line. These trends to watch for 2016 are things that I’ve noticed and will be keeping my eye on.

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Trends to Watch for 2016

  • Changing social media – It used to be that if you focused on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you could see a fairly steady rate of growth. I believe that 2016 will bring an increased focus on some of the newcomers to social media, and that engagement will be even more of an issue than it is today. Platforms like Snapchat, Vine and Periscope, have shown us that new channels evolve regularly. It’s not a matter of just plastering your links all over social media; you need to get out there and engage with your readers.
  • The growth of video – Video and live streaming will both continue to see growth during 2016. If you haven’t already jumped on the video bandwagon, now is the time to start. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all have options to get your feet wet with video.
  • Understanding Analytics – Increasingly, influencers will need to quantify and understand whether their methods are providing results. Having a firm grasp on Google analytics, Facebook insights and other tracking methods will give you the information you need.
  • More automation – As influencers begin to wear other hats and investigate other ways to reach their readers, it will be important to be able to automate some of the things we do that may take up time we want to spend elsewhere. This is the year to work smarter, not harder.
  • Re-syndicating content – As influencers seek to increase their influence, re-syndicating content on larger platforms like Medium, LinkedIn and Examiner will become more common. Some users prefer to find all of their content in one place rather than bouncing from site to site.

Which of these trends to watch for 2016 will you be focusing on?

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January 7, 2016

Trends to Watch for 2016

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