What are the pros and cons of scheduling social media? Maybe you are planning to go out of town, or have a big event to attend, or even just want to take a couple days away from your devices to relax. But if you manage social media accounts, for yourself or others, that means you will be experiencing a bit of a conflict. How can you make sure you are keeping the attention of your followers? The answer for many is scheduling their social media posts.

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Pros and Cons of Scheduling Social Media

While this is a handy feature in these situations, many debate whether or not it is a good decision to make. Below are the pros and cons of scheduling social media so you can decide for yourself.

Pros of Scheduling Social Media

  • It saves you time. Rather than taking time out of each day to brainstorm, research, write, and proofread, you can do it all on one day, freeing up those hours during the rest of the week for other tasks.
  • It establishes a routine for you and your audience. By making all your posts on one day, it gives you a rhythm to your week and allows you to create a good routine. It also does the same for your audience who will come to expect to see your content at the same time on the same days.
  • It stops you from spamming your audience. It is normal to get plenty of inspiration at once and create a number of posts. The problem is that if you post them all at the same time, you are effectively spamming them. By scheduling them, you avoid the deluge.
  • It gives you time to check the quality of the posts. If you are like most writers, you cannot spot your errors right away. Distance makes it easier to notice what has gone wrong. If you write your posts in advance and schedule them, you can come back to them later and perfect them before they go live.
  • It allows you to reach your audience during your off time without having to sacrifice your off time. You can schedule your posts to go live as you sleep—an important feature if you are in a very different time zone than your target audience. You can also schedule them for evenings and weekends when many have time to read social media but you would prefer to relax.

The Cons of Scheduling Social Media

  • It risks bad timing. If you schedule your posts, you could end up having one post right after an unfortunate event and be seen as insensitive, either due to the content or just because you are not acknowledging the event.
  • It reduces your audience interaction. If you are having posts go live when you are not available, you are not able to respond and interact.
  • It stops you from hitting on something in the moment. A great way to get noticed is to hit on hot topics or events while they are fresh. You cannot do that if you strictly rely on scheduling posts.
  • It could be outdated. Finally, what was topical a week ago might not be now. The internet moves quickly and what was edgy when you wrote it could be dull by the time it goes live.

So what is best for you? Just keep these pros and cons in mind as you decide

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January 14, 2016

Pros and Cons of Scheduling Social Media

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