As adults, we tend to think of winter as a slower time of year. It is a time when we enjoy staying inside, sitting in front of the fire, drinking our warm drink of choice. And it is easy to allow this relaxed approach to transfer to our children. However, kids need to stay active, winter or not. Below are some of the best active games your kids can play this winter.

Best Active Games for Kids in the Winter

Best Active Games for Kids in the Winter

Exercise Together

As noted above, kids need to stay active—but so do you. There are lots of videos on YouTube that showcase whole family exercise routines. Aerobics, yoga, even cross-fit: Whatever you enjoy, you can find it on YouTube.

Have a Dance Party

Make an energetic playlist on Spotify with all your kids’ favorite songs. Hit play and get moving. This is an excellent way to burn calories and energy. And you can get in on the fun, too.

Have a Snowball Fight

You can do this outside and indoors. How? When inside, replace the snowballs with paper balls. To be environmentally friendly, grab the paper from the recycling pile. This activity can go on for hours, and you don’t need to worry about anything getting broken.

The Floor is Lava

This game is a classic, and it is an excellent way to keep kids active both physically and mentally as they plan their route from spot to spot.

Indoor Trampoline

Small, indoor trampolines are great for toddlers with lots of energy. You will be amazed by how long a little one will jump in place, and it will free up time for you to get things done.


Not like the game, but an alternative that won’t result in so many broken items. Using the paper from the snowball fight and hands as bats, make a handball game of baseball

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January 15, 2016

Best Active Games for Kids in the Winter

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