Could you use these tips for an organized office? As is the case with any part of your home, it is easy for your office to become cluttered and disorganized. However, this is more problematic with the office than it is with other spaces. Why? Because the lack of organization can decrease your productivity, reducing your effectiveness as a worker and potentially leading to lower earnings.

Tips for an organized office

Tips for an Organized Office

So how can you ensure your office is organized? By following these simple tips.

Dedicate the Space to Work

Keep the toys out, leave the TV to the living room, and take your lunch in the dining room. The more defined the purpose of the space is, the less likely it is to become cluttered.

Go Paperless

It is the modern thing to do, and it comes with the added benefit of making your space less cluttered and more organized. Once you eliminate the paper clutter, you will find that you have very little clutter overall.

Declutter and Throw Away

Once the paper is gone, it is time to deal with the clutter that is left. This clutter will usually be office supplies, decorative items, and electronic accessories. Use attractive organizers to give all of your office supplies a dedicated home and pare down your decorative items. For your electronic accessories, give them a dedicated drawer in your desk to keep them safe and out of sight.

Organize Your Schedule Digitally

We all fall in love with those massive wall organizers we see in magazines and on Pinterest. However, they can easily become cluttered, and can also prove to be distracting. Instead, opt for a digital organizer that will allow you to plan in a neat, organized way while also giving you alerts.

Keep Your Desk Clear

In your office, it is best that your storage space is not also desk space. Keep your office supplies in their organizers on shelves above the desk, not on it. For filing stations, should you not go fully paperless, place them on a stand or second desk. The only things that should be on your desk full-time are your computer and possibly your printer/copier.

Invest in a Good Charging Station

This might prove to be an exception to keeping your desk clear if you need to keep your devices nearby. A quality charging station should be able to hold all of your devices easily and might even have a little storage space for accessories.

Tidy Up Daily

Finally, tidy up after yourself each day to ensure that no mess or clutter is left behind. And just like that, you should have an organized office

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January 19, 2016

Tips for an Organized Office

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