Looking for fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day? For some of us, Valentine’s Day is a day to be ignored at best, or spent in bed with the covers over your head at worst. For others, it is a fantastic day to celebrate the love you have for others. However, even if you enjoy the holiday, finding ways the celebrate it can be difficult.

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

A quick Google search for fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day will reveal plenty of ideas for couples and plenty of ideas for children, but not a lot of universal ideas. This is unfortunate because many of us are not looking to celebrate in those ways. So, to help, here are five fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that works for couples, kids, friends, and anyone you want to spend your day with.

Do a Scavenger Hunt

There are lots of romantic scavenger hunt ideas online, but you can easily adapt these to other situations. For children, you could hide hearts around the house with clues for where the next one lies. With friends, you could design the scavenger hunt so it takes you around town to fun places you can enjoy together. This is a very flexible activity.

15 Reasons Why I Love You

This activity is a great way to say the things we often forget to say, and it works for all of those we love—not just romantic partners. This is an excellent option for really getting into the spirit of the holiday and making sure everyone knows how much we value them.

Volunteer Together

Another great way to express love is to give back to the community. Volunteering together means that you get to spend time with those who mean so much to you while also spreading that goodwill to those around you. And Valentine’s Day is not a day typically associated with acts of service, so your efforts will be truly needed.

Enjoy a Picnic Dinner

We all love a delicious meal and who doesn’t enjoy getting outside on a beautiful day? If the weather is good, you can easily celebrate with a picnic dinner. Once again, you can easily dress this activity as you like, making it romantic for a partner, fun for kids, and relaxing for friends.

Do a Cooking Contest

Compete against your partner, make teams with your family or get the friends together to do battle in the kitchen. If no one has a kitchen big enough for this activity, you can contact local cooking schools to use their space. The competition gets everyone going, and in the end, everyone gets to enjoy great food.

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February 12, 2016

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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