The life of a food blogger is certainly a fun one—and pretty delicious, too! But being a food blogger means being a person of many talents: you need to be a great chef, a great writer, and a great photographer. These food photography tips should help.

Food Photography Tips

Food Photography Tips

But what if you aren’t a great photographer? As is the case with many fields, you can fake it until you make it. Pick up a few tips and tricks to get started and then learn more as you go. Below are the top five tips for taking tempting food photos.

Use a Single Light Source, and Natural is Best

A rookie mistake is complicating the lighting because you are trying to be more professional. Most of us have been in a photo studio and observed how the subject was lit from various angles to capture the best look. But when it comes to food photography, you need to keep it simple.

One light source is all you need to take a great picture. Now, you do need it to be a quality light source. Make sure it is not producing shadows and that it isn’t washing out the color of the dish. When possible, go natural. Natural light does not wash out colors and if you time it right, will produce limited shadows.

Try Different Angles

Do not shoot from a single angle; try out various angles to see how it looks. Get creative with this one and try things you would not usually try. Remember: if a photo looks bad, you can always delete it, but you might get something great.

Take Pictures Over Time

Most food photographers make sure they get their photos in as soon as possible. In many cases, this is best. You need to photograph the ice cream before it melts or you want to get the steam rising from the cup of hot chocolate. However, sometimes the best photos come later. If you can stop yourself from eating the dish, take photos over time. Once you are done, you can pick those you like the best.

Think Yummy, Not Perfect

Food is messy. In fact, the tastier the food, the messier it is. So when it comes to food photography, do not occupy yourself with worries about perfection. You aren’t looking to present something perfect—you are looking to present something so mouthwatering and tempting that the reader will have to make the dish themselves so they can experience it.

Mind the Background

Finally, always pay close attention to the background. Simple is best, and make sure everything is clean. The last thing you want are crumbs from preparation or a stray hair to get in the shot, ruining the entire photo.

With these tips in mind, you will be well on your way to taking tempting photos of your dishes

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February 17, 2016

Food Photography Tips

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