Should You Hire a Social Media Manager? One of the most important things you can do to build your brand is to cultivate your social media presence. With the rise of new media, social media is the way for businesses and brands to get in touch with their target audience. However, it isn’t always as intuitive as you might think.

Should you hire a social media manager

Should You Hire a Social Media Manager

If you do not think you are doing as well as you should with your social media presence, you might want to look into hiring a social media manager. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if this choice would be best for you.

Do You Struggle to Understand the Differences Between Platforms?

Should you use hashtags on Facebook? How should you size a photo when posting on Twitter? What are best practices for captioning an Instagram photo? If you do not know the answers to these questions, you likely do not understand the differences between the platforms well enough to maximize their potential and should enlist the help of a social media manager.

Do You Feel Overwhelmed by the Task?

If the questions above made you feel tense, chances are the task of managing all your social media accounts is pretty overwhelming for you. You do not want to allow this to continue as it can cause you to feel burned out and start to affect your ability to run your business. Instead, work with a social media manager to share the tasks or hand them over completely.

Do You Currently Get Much Interaction Through Your Social Media Accounts?

Do you feel like you are doing everything right but still do not get much interaction? Professionals know the tips and tricks for getting your audience to engage, so handing the task over to them makes sense.

And keep in mind that using a social media manager does not mean giving up control or never interacting directly with your audience. You can easily achieve a balance that works for everyone involved.

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February 18, 2016

Should You Hire a Social Media Manager

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