Right now, you probably wish warmer weather would get here. But winter is winding down quickly, so why not make the most of it while you can? Grab your camera and start taking some stunning winter photos using these winter photography tips. Keep the winter photography tips below in mind and you should come out with great shots.

Winter Photography Tips

Winter Photography Tips

Keep Your Equipment Warm

Like any machine, your photography equipment will be affected by temperature. An easy way to protect everything is to keep it inside of your coat when you aren’t using it. Try not to spend too long on a shoot as well—both for the sake of your equipment and your subjects!

Balance the Blue by Changing White Balance to Cloudy

The winter atmosphere can cause your whites to come out blue, and this isn’t ideal, especially if you are shooting in snow. However, a quick adjustment of your white balance should correct with without you needing to resort to challenging photography tricks; all you need to do is switch your white balance to cloudy.

Dress with Bright Colors

Winter scenery is beautiful, but it also tends to be lacking in color. To make your shots pop, have your subjects dress brightly. This will change the tone of the picture and help things feel more vibrant.

Use the Light to Your Advantage

Finally, play around with light. Bright, white snow is highly reflective, which means that even on overcast days, you can take some pretty cool photos. So look on the bright side and enjoy these last weeks of winter.

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March 1, 2016

Winter Photography Tips

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