Are you looking for tips for attending a blog conference? Like any industry, blogging requires a certain amount of networking to be successful. Blog conferences allow you to accomplish this while also picking up ideas for improving yourself as a blogger. But if you have never been to one before, you might be nervous about how to approach the event. Below are a few basic tips we think will be helpful to anyone getting ready to attend their first blog conference.

Tips for Attending a Blog Conference

Tips for Attending a Blog Conference

Do What It Takes to Feel Confident

Think about the moments when you feel most assured of yourself: you just had your hair done, you got in a good workout, you have taken some time to relax and just be at peace. Whatever it is for you, do it before the first day of the conference. The more confident you feel about yourself, the better you will present yourself to others and the more successful you will be.

Bring a Power Strip

When you are in a building filled with bloggers, you can guarantee that all the outlets are going to be taken. Keep a good power strip in your bag. Not only will this increase the outlets and allow you to plug in, but you will likely make some blogging friends while sharing the power strip.

Be Ready to Take Notes

These conferences are time for you to learn from others in the industry, but if you aren’t taking notes, you are going to forget some of the best ideas presented. Make sure you are keeping track of everything that catches your imagination.

Don’t Be Shy

Even if you were the wallflower at the school dances, make sure you are getting out there and socializing. This is a great opportunity to make connections and market yourself. You need to have your business cards on hand and should make sure your social media profiles and website are top notch before you go.

Finally, Enjoy Yourself

This should be a great experience for you, so make sure you prioritize having fun. Relax and enjoy!

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March 3, 2016

Tips for Attending a Blog Conference

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