Are you wondering what the best apps to use to get organized are? Do you struggle to balance all of the demands in your life? From deadlines to dances to household chores, it can be incredibly difficult to find the time for everything you need to get done, and even more difficult to remember them all.

Best Apps to Use to Get Organized

Best Apps to Use to Get Organized

Well, with the right app, balancing these demands can be a lot easier on you. Yes, you will still need to get everything done in time, but having an organized approach makes it a little less overwhelming. Below are our picks for the best apps to use to get organized.


Available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, this app is the ultimate organizer. While it is pricier than most organizational apps, its approach makes it worth it. Rather than reminding you of all the massive tasks you have to complete, it breaks them down into smaller, less-daunting pieces. You can assign tasks to various categories and Things will create a daily checklist for you to help you visualize your day and make your plan.

Google Now

This app goes beyond organization and actually gives you the experience of having a personal assistant without needing to hire anyone. Everything is assembled into cards that you can view from your app home screen. The downside? It takes a bit of customization on your part to get the experience you want. However, if you can dedicate a little time to that at the start, Google Now can be quite rewarding over time.


This is another personal assistant app that helps you stay organized in all areas of your life. This app will remind you to pay bills, submit work, attend school meetings, and pretty much anything you need to be reminded to do. It even works with other apps, such as Facebook, and will send happy birthday wishes to friends to make sure you don’t forget. It is a pretty awesome app.


Staying organized is about more than just keeping your schedule; there are files to organize, too. Dropbox makes it easy for you to keep everything organized and easy to find. Plus, it protects you from losing everything by keeping it all safe in the cloud.

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March 8, 2016

Best Apps to Use to Get Organized

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