Are you struggling to get inspired? No matter what you are trying to get inspired to do, these tips for using a vision board can help you. Read below to learn more about how you can use a vision board for inspiration.

Tips for using a vision board for inspiration

Tips for Using a Vision Board for Inspiration

First, What is a Vision Board?

Think of a vision board as being a real-life Pinterest, only a lot more curated. Basically, you use the board or space of your choice to display the images, words, and ideas you feel drawn to. These should be things that really stir up an emotional reaction in you, so do not add just anything you like. Treat your vision board like a gallery owner would their space, displaying only the very best items.

Give it a Purpose

To keep your vision board focused, it needs to have a clear purpose. Are you trying to get inspired to write your next novel? Are you trying to dream up a new product to launch? Are you just looking for inspiration to get through your day-to-day life? The purpose of your vision board makes it easier to select the items to include on it.

Make it Diverse

A vision board doesn’t need to be pictures alone. You can add quotes that inspire you, or even just single words that you happen to like. You can include colors and patterns. You can even add your own drawings. Anything can be part of a vision board.

Enjoy the Process

Making a vision board should be fun and relaxing for you. If it becomes yet another item on your to-do list, let it go. Do not focus on how often you should update it or making it perfect; the process is much more important than the product.

Have you ever used a vision board?

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March 15, 2016

Tips for Using a Vision Board for Inspiration

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