Should all small businesses have websites? If you run a small business, you might be wondering if maintaining a website is really all that vital to your success. After all, running a website means money, time, and skills. So, should all small businesses have websites?

Should all small businesses have websites?

Should All Small Businesses Have Websites?

The Simple Answer? Yes.

Every small business should have their own website. Yes, it will cost money. And yes, you will need to dedicate time to it or find someone with the skills to do it for you. But, ultimately, having a website is worth it.

But Why?

There are many reasons you should maintain a website. First of all, it makes you more searchable online. When people are looking for a business or service, the first thing they do is get on Google. If you aren’t there, potential customers won’t be finding you.

Then there is the fact that having a website just makes you feel more legitimate. Yes, anyone could make a website, but it still means something in the minds of the public. There really is no excuse not to take this extra step.

Beyond these reasons, there are things like the ease of advertising, having a place to showcase your services and more.

Tips for Making Website Creation and Maintenance a Breeze

Not all that tech savvy? Don’t worry; you can still have an excellent website for your business.

If you are looking to do it yourself, head on over to Weebly. Weebly offers drag-and-drop web design that makes the process incredibly simple. You don’t need to write any code or learn any special tricks. It is as simple as it gets.

If you are looking to hire someone else, head over to some freelancing platforms, such as Upwork. There, you will be able to find affordable freelancers who can do all the work for you—even when it comes to updating the site as time goes by.

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March 24, 2016

Should All Small Businesses Have Websites?

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