Are you wondering what types of spring activities to do with the kids? Whether it’s warm enough to get outside and play yet or not,  these fun activities will keep you both busy. Spring is here, and you and your little ones are probably itching for ways to enjoy it. If this is the case, consider some of these fun, springtime activities that you and your kids can do together.

5 Spring Activities to do With the Kids

5 Fun Spring Activities to Do with the Kids

Paint Flower Pots

Head over to the local dollar store to get these nice and cheap. You can paint them outside to minimize the mess and let them dry in the sun. Your child will enjoy the process and feel so very proud of his or her creation.

Then Plant Flowers Together

As long as the weather allows, put those flower pots to work and plant some flowers together. Not only will this be fun when you plant them, but you will get to check on them and watch them grow, making the entire season fun.

Make the Most of Those Plastic Easter Eggs

If you do an Easter egg hunt each year, make the most of the eggs you buy. You can continue having hunts, playing guessing games regarding what you put inside, and more. Not only is it fun, but you get more use out of your purchase.

Enjoy a Picnic

There is something fun about changing the way you do an everyday activity, and meals are no exception. So head outside to enjoy your lunch instead of sitting at the table. It is sure to make your child’s day.

Fly Kites

This one is a classic, and is great for kids of all ages. Make them yourself or buy them at the store. It is always a ton of fun.

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March 25, 2016

5 Spring Activities to do With the Kids

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